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What can I do ?

How to sponsor a child or make a donation

If you want to sponsor a child or make a donation, please Contact us  for further information

An appeal

It is a privilige and joy to help and share with those who are less priviliged, are sturggling to survive and have nothing to live upon. I t is an accepted socail responsability to help and project the weakest and most vulnerable, especially young innocent children, women and indigent aged. This  challenging task can be accomplished only through the most generous personal giving by kind hearted, philanthropic persons Government's grants apart, services of the Ashram depend entirely upon generous, voluntary contributions from every kind person.

You can make a donation, sponsor a child, build a shelter, or help and share in any other way that appeals to you the most. Every little help counts and is most valuable in this cause for the suffering, poorest of the poor people. Your support here and now will go a long way to help the cause. 


By giving to SKGA, you would be donating to a well organised, long experienced, non-profit, trust worthy, and totally dedicated service. SKGA is the channel for collective philanthrophy.

SKGA invites you to participate in this rich, value based expreience of sharing and surving a noble cause in Life's journey. Your kind support and sharing may proof to be the turning point in the life of a poor, needy child, or a destitute or an aged, infirm person.

SKGA welcomes your continued association.

We invite you to visit us because


How can I help?

You are invited to visit us, we have facilities to house a few guests in guestrooms.

Below we have listed some of the ways you can help us.

There are severeal needs to be met in various programmes. To improve the total quality of life of the children, to improve their surroundings, to provide better education, and to increase agricultural production, to start a dispensary, and other activities for the welfare of the most needy, SKGA needs further support. Some of the needs have been listed below.

1. A compound wall or fence around each compound is nessecary to prevent encroachments of our land and animals from damaging our crops.  

2. Funds for running expenses are needed.

3. Permanent class room buildings and equipment are needed for the school.

4. Computer education will be most valuable. New computers and help to engage staff to teach them are needed.

5. Support to improve facilities and environment is required.

6. Powergeneration in the form of alternative energy would help reduce expenses.

7. Harvesting rain water is needed since the area depends on ground water.

8. Development of agriculture will improve jobs and create income generation.

9. Completion of dispensary will help the children and neighbourhoods.

10. Development of dairy will generate incomes and give jobs to labour.

There are several other needs. They are big. One such need is help to build an office space. Another need is to build a strong room to keep safely old records and other valuable records and documents. Yet another need is for support to further develop the agriculture farm  to improve and further develop the work already done. Yet another help would be to raise support for starting some vocational programmes for grown up boys and to provide necessary tools and machinery. Support to train girls and boys in tailoring as  a vocation will be useful. It was done for more than 2 decades with Government grant years ago.


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'Seeing is believing'

Quote Mr. C. Sitharam (former President of SKGA 1970-1985)

Thank you for helping and sharing

May God bless you.