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SKGA run daycares/kindergardens in three different villages, outside the campus areas; 


1. Bala Kshitra, situated in Kanyakumari, establish in 1965                               

2. Sishe Bhavan, situated in Palavor, establish in 1975

3. Sishe Bhavan, situated in Rajahkamangdam, establish in 2005


The daycares/kindergardens each house 20-25 children every day, in the age 0-4 years. The children are offered food, care, shelter and a stimulating environment with experienced adults and other children. Each daycare has one teacher and one cook trained by SKGA. The buildings are rented for their purpose.

The daycare program was iniciated after SKGA made a survey in the nearby villages, and answerd the need of the communities. The staff is carefully selected of those who show interest in SKGA's work, and have the needed requirements for the job.

The daycares are open from 9am to 3pm.                                                              The service is almostfree - there is only a minimum charge of 10Rs per month.


..  Sri Kanyakumari Gurukula Ashram  ..  Alamelupuram  ..  Terku Karunkulam P.O. - 627 114  ..  Tamil Nadu  ..  India  .. 

..  Telephone  +91 46372 88542 ..  Mobile  +91 94451 83194 ..  Email  skgashram@gmail.com ..

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