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Since 1955, many visitors of the SKGA society have written in our guestbook. Many years have passed, therefore the complete compilation of guestbooks adds up to 9 books, and 1800pages.

The 9th guestbook currently in use, and we have selected a few greetings writen over the past 5 years, to give you an impression of how vistors, volunteers, donators, organisations, friends, etc. exprience the SKGA society.

Jan. 5th 2010 - Susanne, Sofie S., Netherland.

" As the daughters of Margreet, we've known the Ashram for years now. We are donating to you every month and it was wonderfull for us to see you all in person. Not that we had any doubts about it but now we saw with our own eyes what great work you do here. We have loved that you shared your life with us here and that we were given the change to get to know everyone. We will never forget this visit! Thank you so much for your hospitality. We hope to be back some day in the future! Good luck with all your work and we give our warm greetings to all the children of the ashram. Love..."

Jan. 10th 2010 - Margreet d.B., Sofie, Susanne S., Executive Head of 'Stichting Vrienden Ashram', Netherland.

" After ten years the moment was here. A visit to the SKGAshram. And it was beyond my expectations. I knew from other visitors of Holland that something special is going on in this Ashram. Sitharam said "Seeing is believing". I already believed from the moment i became donor of the S.V.A in 1996. I believed even more when i became Executive Head of S.V.A ten years ago. And now, after this visit, I will be one of the most strong believers. We thank you all for your heart warming welcome, for your hospitality, the wonderfull foods and last but not least your never ending love for the children. We will take them and you, the staff, the housemothers, the cooks, and all the othe people who care for the Ashram in our hearts for ever. We wish you a good Pongal, and all the best, health, happines and succes. And one day I will be back to see if our mangotrees are doing well. Love for you all..."

Dec. 24th 2009 - Jakob M., Board member of Action Childrens Aid, Denmark.

" Dear friends, it was great to see you all again. Thank you for 12 wonderfull days. When I arrived and went to bed the first night, I felt like being home again. This time we had time to visit all your project, which was really good, because we also had some good discussions about what can be done in the future. I will return with many new ideas of how we can support your great work i new ways. All the best..."

Feb. 16th 2009 - Jakob, Aksel, Inge David, Denmark.

" Rome wasn't build in one day and India isn't pulled out of poverty and illiterary in one day. But from what we have seen here for just a few days, we can tell that good people of India work hard and with heart to give the upgrowing generation of India the skills, the abilities and dignity needed to make the changes. But please, do not change everything! You indeed have a fascinating culture and the warmth and the hospitality you have shown us is amaising. We wish you all the best and look forward to come here again. May god bless you all..."

 Dec. 29th, 2008 - Arne, Bente, Frederik, Johanne L. C., Denmark.

" 24 years ago I visited the Ashram together with Inge. We stayed here for 3,5 months, and had an unforgettable experience. The stay made such great impression to me, and that is why I thought a very long time have wished to come back with my family. I am very glad and thankfull for the possibility my husband and children my second home SKGA. It is wonderfull to show them the great work you are doing for the poor children in the area.  You give them education and hope for the future. I am very impressed how you made it possible to extend and develop the Ashram. We thank you very much for your great hospitality during our stay, for the nice food and guiding us around the area. We will be very pleased to invite you to visit our home in Denmark if you come to Europe. With love and best wishes for the future..."

Sept. 2007 - Petre, Netherlands.

" I always believed that a good life starts with the love and respect you recieve from the persons who take care of you when you are young. Here in the Ashram I could see that but maybe even more important I could feel it when i talked to the children. They all are unique and loving little persons that feel safe and feel part of a special family. The people who take care of the children earn an enormous amount of respect. You are very, very special and I think you deserve all the help you can get. Love to you all..."

Jan. 2007 - Hannah, UK.

" It has been wonderfull for me to come to the Ashram that my parents have been telling me about for as long as I can remember. I am happy to say that the reality is even better than the stories - this really is an amaising place. I have been so impressed by the devotion and dedication of all the staff in helping so many children. I hope to visit again for a longer stay with you all. Until then I will remember many happy smiles. With love..."

Jan. 5th, 2007 - Chandra, Frank N. & Irena T., Netherlands.

" What a rich experience to be with children who are taken care of so well. It is good as a teacher to see all these children together who are experiencing the best of themselves. Thank you so much for you warm reception and all the efforts to show me arround. I enjoyed the dancepreformance and the drama. Now I will take memories home for a lifetime. After all you can't travel so far and not meeting the real people. I will surtainly come back and would love to spend some time here..."

Feb. 5th, 2006 - President of the Vegetarian Union of Denmark, Denmark.

" You have created a beautifull home for many souls, full of love - and we are very pleased to be a part of is. We look forward to support you in the future and to follow the development of the ashram. All the best.... "

Apr. 11th, 2006 - Andrew R., Australia.

" I have visited from Australia and have a keen interest in social and environmental sustainability. During my visit to SKGA I have been inspired by the commited, generous, selfless souls who inhabit this place. I will cherish the experience I have had here and hope that the positive energy from this place will manifest in the hearts and minds of the children it has nurtured, and will permiate into the future for all.  Thank you..."

Jan. 26th, 2006 - Pernille S. & Grete T., Denmark.

" Thank you, thank you, thank you. This has been a fantastic experience for us. To see how well you take care of all the children and the kindness and curiosity we have been met with, from all the children as well as the staff. Vera has been such a wonderfull company and guide in our short visit. And all the women in the administration house: Ramya, Priya, Padma, Indira and everyone else have been so kind an open. Meeting my sponsorchild has also been very special to me. Not to mention all the other lively children everywhere we go in the Ashram. We wish you all the best for your future work and hope to be able to come back for another visit soon. We have the deepest respect for Mr. Krishnan's work and we are convinced that he and the staff will continue their marvellous effort. With love... "


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